Martin Skrtel Goes One on One in an Intense Exchange

During a heated exchange on a talk show, rapper Martin Skrtel faces off against the former Liverpool defender. When Martin Skrtel was on a talk show in his home country, he didn't hesitate to take on a friendly "challenge." After eight years at Anfield, the former Reds center-back left in 2016. He played 320 games for Liverpool and was under four different managers, including Jurgen Klopp, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Rafa Benitez, and Roy Hodgson.

An aggressive player during his times, the Liverpool legend was an intense figure both on and off the pitch. Skrtel has played for Fenerbahce, Atalanta, and Istanbul Basaksehir in Turkey and Italy since leaving Merseyside. He would play for Spartak Trnava again in Slovakia in 2021, and this summer, he signed for Raztocno. Skrtel recently made an appearance on Petr Vetrovsky's talk show 1:1, which airs on TV Nova Sport. There was an intense moment in the show although both of them were quite a under control when the altercation happened.

The host appears alongside Skrtel and musician/boxer Frayer Flexking in an Instagram video. Skrtel and Flexking are seen laughingly pushing their heads toward one another in the video. There is no doubt that this quickly becomes viral on social media. Vetrovsky asked who would win a fight between the two in the video's caption.
He penned: During the filming of the 1:1 Sport show, Martin Skrtel did not shy away from challenges from the holder of two knockouts. Who would prevail? The identical video was shared by Flexking on his own Instagram account. Additionally, he asked who would win a fight between himself and the former Liverpool defender. He penned: Flexking versus Martin Skrtel? The fight today was directed by Mr. Director A Petr Vetrovsky."