Jurgen Klopp wasnt Amazed with Reaction of Daniel Sturridge

Jurgen Klopp didn’t see anything abnormal in the reaction of Daniel Sturridge when he was asked to come back into the dugout in the previous game versus the Spurs.

Sturridge was not in appreciation of that call of the manager and he didn’t even try to see him eye to eye as he passed him while on his way back.

It, however, did not leave Klopp in any sort of annoyance as he could understand what Sturridge was thinking.

Klopp reckons Sturridge is a top striker and he was perhaps of the view that he would fetch the winning goal for his side if he was allowed to remain there and that’s obvious. Any player with that much of talent would feel that way

But, according to Klopp, his view as manager is what counts and his view was a little different. He thought here was a bit of physical strength required there and that’s why, he decided to cut a striker down and sent Divock out there.

Speaking to media, Klopp said, “It quite natural for a quality player to show a bit of discontent on that. That’s not a problem for me.”

“There can be two different opinions, but, the manager’s opinion is the one which matters at the end.”

Liverpool was in need of a favourable result especially after the Southampton loss which they had to taste ahead of the international break, but, it ended 1-1 letting them have just 1 point.

While, Coutinho was the scorer for the Reds early on in the second half, Harry Kane nullified it out just minutes later with a goal which earned him accolades from even Klopp himself.

Klopp congratulated Kane for that goal on the ground itself once the match was over.