Jurgen Klopp does not want to make his big boys

Jurgen Klopp does not want to make his big boys vulnerable to injury by exhausting them too much and he has hinted that he would be using the inexperienced youth to play the Hammers tomorrow.

After a long time, the Hammers have got the better of Liverpool on two occasions in the Premiership this season, but, it doesn’t seem as if Klopp is too upset by that and is willing to push extra to avenge those two losses. The German has no such intentions and he is in a mood to keep his main players out of the coming match.

Klopp had done something similar to this earlier in the Cup as well when he had put a host of inexperienced and young players on the park to face Exeter City and to his delight, his youngsters had done the trick for him there in that game as Liverpool had won narrowly.

But, that was Exeter and this is West Ham. There is certainly some difference in quality and the Reds boss understands that and he even admitted that, but, he believes if he goes with his main team in the current situation, he would be putting the players in the risk of injury.

Speaking on the eve of the game, Klopp said, “To show courage, as a manager, while playing a team like Exeter was probably not hard, but, one’s got to be courageous in tough situations as it is now when we have a strong opposition to face and we will be backing the youngsters again.”

“However, frankly speaking, I have got so much of trust in young players that I do not see it as a risk. When you go deep into a season with such a busy schedule, all the players have to be used at some stage.”